Why should I choose Paneless?


Paneless refuses to use sub-contractors. Sadly, many companies in the service industry operate this way daily and the customer is completely unaware. Why does this matter? Sub-contracting means the cost of the job for fuel, equipment, and products are passed on to the sub; keep in mind they are paid around 50% of the job. Therefore, the faster they finish, the cheaper the equipment and solutions; the more they make. Aside from the unethical technicalities that fall in line with subcontracting, if an accident were to occur, like a fall from a ladder, the homeowner is responsible.

  • An accident could now be a claim on your homeowner’s or business insurance.
  • Who will be accountable if something is damaged or stolen?
  • Sub-contractors are not vetted by background checks and drug test.

Sub-contractors have no reason to be vetted if they are their “own company”. It is important to know who will show up at your home or business and what care has been taken to make sure these are trustworthy individuals. It is common for a person with a tainted past to go into business for themselves. Be sure to vet the one-man shows and companies who don’t answer to government agencies and independent review services like the BBB and Best Pick Reports.



Accidents happen. Is the company you are considering concerned for your safety and protection as well as their own? Professionals will want to ease this burden for you and have a current insurance certificate available upon request. Did you know that if someone you have invited to your property is hurt; they can make a claim on your homeowner’s insurance? Verify that the company you are looking to hire carries worker’s compensation in addition to general liability, and bonding to help protect you and your home or business. There is an additional expense to cover subcontractors, many companies advertise these coverages and don’t take the time to explain that they subcontract and that those subs may not be covered. Paneless has:

  • General liability
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Commercial vehicle insurance
  • Bonding policy



Paneless employs uniformed and professional technicians. They all undergo continuous training during our mandatory Wednesday morning meetings for safety, customer service, and continual improvements. Our friendly technicians will arrive in a decaled company van. This is the bare minimum a company can provide to assure you the person arriving at your home or business is someone you have hired to be there.



Paneless uses professional equipment and cleaning solutions. Research and development have always been at the forefront of our business. We have been leading the way since 1997, making use of all the advances in the cleaning industry. Our products are the best on the market, often limiting how often we serve you. Don’t be fooled by the dawn dish soap and rain-x squirted in a bucket or companies who advise to paint over dirty grout lines. There is a professional alternative. Paneless uses:

  • Purified water technology
  • Professional grade solutions
  • Well maintained equipment
  • Truck mount steam cleaning



Paneless is a member of several professional organizations. We advise examining any company’s affiliations. Are they invested in their industry and obtaining certifications? Time and money spent legitimizing and bettering their operations is a great sign that a company intends to stay in business and will not disappear at the first sign of trouble. Secondly, legitimate review sites like Angie’s List and Best Pick reports are in our opinion an absolute must. Anyone can make up their own reviews and plaster some words on a website. Independent review sites screen owners for backgrounds and provide verified reviews that companies have no control over. This is the only fair way to assess a company. Paneless is affiliated with:

  • BBB
  • Best Pick Reports
  • Angie’s List
  • IWCA
  • Google Guaranteed
  • The Good Contractor’s List



Longevity is key in any service company. Repeat business and referrals are what keep good companies alive. Anyone can claim to have serviced thousands of customers and try to claim the years of business from companies they buy or associate with. The truth is there are unethical practices surrounding companies and individuals in our area. We have experienced it first-hand. Having been in business many years, we have witnessed the unspeakable. It drives us as a company to be a bright light and an alternative to those who operate without the customer in mind. Our growth and success are directly linked to customers cheering us on. We believe in doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. In the ever-decreasing world of customer service, selflessness, and truth, Paneless has a mission to hold tight to our convictions. We trust that there are consumers who seek that level of integrity. Paneless commits to:

  • Answering our phones with prompt responsive times
  • Addressing concerns quickly and fairly
  • Considering the wants and needs of our customers
  • Accommodating busy schedules to the best of our ability
  • Remaining transparent with our customers and employees
  • Treating others, the way we would like to be treated



Paneless has a list of references available upon request. We strongly recommend that you quiz references for any company you would invite to your home or business. Building a relationship is something earned over time. References you can count on come from customers who have built a relationship with their company. They did not have just one good experience. Great references have used a company many years, have seen them stand behind their work, and have grown to trust the character and integrity of the people they have hired many times.

RO technology is reverse osmosis water that is filtered through a five-stage process. This process removes all total dissolved solids and chlorine that cause water to spot or dry hard because of minerals. Since the water is pure, it acts as a cleaning agent itself. Water loves minerals so when we remove those minerals, it wants them back. We refer to it as thirsty water. So ask yourself, what is in soil? Minerals. Now you have water that wants minerals. So we use this RO water to adsorb the soil on a window or floor surfaces. This RO water is incorporated into the majority of the services we provide.