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Wait! There is a Safer Alternative to Pressure Washing

Often, homeowners see mold and algae on vertical or flat surfaces surrounding their home, and their first thought is pressure washing. Be aware! Pressure washers can reach up to 4,000 PSI, and if the pressure is too high, pressure washing can lead to permanent scarring of your surfaces. Another issue is that pressure washing mold or algae can be a band-aid solution, and these organics are likely to reappear in a short period. There is a safe solution for your surfaces that has results that will last longer, use low pressure, and less water. The solution is soft washing.

What is soft washing?

Soft washing is the alternative to pressure washing, using water-based, biodegradable solutions that emulsify dirt and grime. Soft washing dissolves cobwebs and kills mold, bacteria, and algae while sanitizing the surfaces cleaned. It uses one-third the water of pressure washing and lasts four-to-six times longer.

What is the process?

The first process is to cover all electrical outlets, remove small items, assess the plants, put up caution signs, and run the lines required. Next, a certified soft washing technician will spray affected areas with solutions fed through lines using low-pressure pump systems. The first application is the wake-up coat required to open the organic spores. After dwell time, the technician will rinse and apply another application or use a new chemical, depending on the stain type. Preserving plant life during the soft washing process is vital. Plant washes and soaking methods must be used before, during, and after the service to neutralize cleaning agents, ensuring that your grass, shrubbery, and plants are protected. 

Who is qualified to perform soft washing?

When hiring a soft washing company, it is essential to hire a company requiring all their technicians to undergo a comprehensive training and certification program. Soft washing is chemical-based, so technicians must learn how to protect plant life, understand where chemicals flow, and how to neutralize chemicals adequately. Do not forget to protect your family by hiring a company that provides proof of insurance (liability and worker’s compensation), a list of references, and professionalism. 

If you are in the market for soft washing, please do not hesitate to give the professionals at Paneless Home Services a call. Paneless is a SoftWash Systems authorized company, and all technicians are certified and receive proper hands-on training before stepping foot onto your property.

RO technology is reverse osmosis water that is filtered through a five-stage process. This process removes all total dissolved solids and chlorine that cause water to spot or dry hard because of minerals. Since the water is pure, it acts as a cleaning agent itself. Water loves minerals so when we remove those minerals, it wants them back. We refer to it as thirsty water. So ask yourself, what is in soil? Minerals. Now you have water that wants minerals. So we use this RO water to adsorb the soil on a window or floor surfaces. This RO water is incorporated into the majority of the services we provide.